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2004 V6 Honda Accord

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Wednesday, April 15 2009, 07:25:28 #41441     2004 V6 Honda Accord

I own a 2004 V6 fully loaded honda accord. This is mainly directed at Marble beacuse I know he is the man in this area, but anyone else is very much appreciated.

It is stock, but is there anything that I am retarded not to do? What about cheap shit like intake? The kind of things I could do myself?

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Wednesday, April 15 2009, 07:27:18 #41442     

I forgot to mention that I don't have a lot of money, but could pull up several hundred in a few months time.
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Wednesday, April 15 2009, 10:25:03 #41443     

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|DRC| Syntax

Wednesday, April 15 2009, 10:40:20 #41446     

Is it automatic? What model is it? Wait, you said V6, so is it LX-V6 or EX-V6? Which should already put you around 240hp...you want moar?

Need moar info to assist you sir.

An intake is meh, i'd go with replacing the exhaust before doing that, especially since you can do simple mods to a stock VAF to cheaply raise horse power (as easy as cutting off the bottom and having the air filter hang there). And when I say exhaust, I mean the EXHAUST; not just the muffler...don't be like those little kids with their civics.

The cheapest way to replace the exhaust would be finding a shop that does it and have them build a pipe on to the car themselves; way more cost affective than buying a pipe then getting someone else to put it on (unless you know how, then go for it).

For better acceleration you can tweak the timing if you want, but that's risky if you're not sure what you're doing...

Be sure to do some cosmetic pointless stuff, like grabbing halo/projector headlights; and HID. (...just make sure you don't blind people).

For a VERY basic tune I'd do the following:
K&N air filter (some brands are similiar, but I prefer the original, which means leaving the VAF alone)
Atleast 6.5" wide rims/tires (the stocks on the accord should be okay though)
Replace all spark plugs/wires with NGK's (NGK Iridium IX in your case)
Replace the bushing on the shift linkage with higher end "sports" self lubricating bushings. (that's if you have a stick)

I'm more of a mazda man myself; sooo chyeah, maybe you should fab a turbo kit if you're bored enough =p
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Thursday, April 16 2009, 08:38:25 #41455     

Haha Noderoom, that one might be a bit over budget. Tongue Ill save that for the future.

Syntax, It is an EX and has:

Is a Coupe
Alloy wheels
black leather interior
heated seats
Moon roof
6-cd changer/XM radio/navigation
Power everything

I believe it puts of 240 horsepower. You asked if I want moar. Its damn quick as it is, but I always want more. Evil grin

Replacing the whole exhaust is something to think about. And you are right, I dont want it to sound like a ricer. I will look into this VAF business. I like your very basic tune list and the headlights (something Ive been thinking about too). Thanks for the info. Good
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|DRC| Marblecake

Sunday, April 19 2009, 21:10:34 #41488     

Well the V6 has like no room under the hood. They are quick on its own. I would say do intake exhaust"header back" you can upgrade the ecu and injectors. The tl has the same motor and my buddy had a nice exhaust and intake and it went well. Dont go over size on pipping or you will lose power. High flow cats also. Your in CA so make sure its CARB legal so you might have to stick with greddy or anything carb legal.
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|DRC| Marblecake

Sunday, April 19 2009, 21:11:13 #41489     

nitrous is always and easy way also. Wet systems at like 50% of hp will do just fine.
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|DRC| Blackshark

Monday, April 20 2009, 12:10:11 #41493     

didn't you learn anything from fast and furious?
you need like 6 or more bottles of NOS and some kind of cool software on your computer to be fast!!!!!

just kidding.
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|DRC| Syntax

Monday, April 20 2009, 12:56:37 #41495     


PFFFFT just adding a can muffler adds 50BHP easy.
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|DRC| Marblecake

Monday, April 20 2009, 16:31:37 #41497     

LOL I wish it did.
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|DRC| Wartex

Monday, April 20 2009, 20:21:19 #41499     


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|DRC| Blackshark

Tuesday, April 21 2009, 03:59:48 #41501     

maybe a full body kit would look cool on your car
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Friday, April 24 2009, 16:38:51 #41516     

Ok. Forget the rest, I'm going with Wartex's spoiler. Laughing
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|DRC| psycheus

Saturday, April 25 2009, 13:23:52 #41540     

Hey Slim that's a nice car you got there. As you all probably know I've got my own Honda monster in the garage.


So about upgrading your car. What is your budget like? It sounds like you have very limited income to spend on this project. Like everyone else mentioned above realistically you should just got with an intake and possibly cat back/axle back exhaust. Remember since we live in CA there are bullshit requirements on smog etc.. so you can go with a cheapy ebay intake system, it will sound and work great but if you ever get pulled over you'll have to take it off. In my case I got popped a long time ago in San Jose and they made me go to the state ref which was no fun. All they will make you do is re-smog it. Since it's basically stock it's really no big deal.

-Either ebay full cold air intake or if you can't afford that atleast get a drop in filter
-cat back/axle back exahust (stick with greddy for the best sound) or you can talk to a muffler shop to do something custom
-start running synthetic oil (amzoil, mobile1 etc..)
-change out all your fluids to synthetic

If you need help remember I don't live too far away and have all the tools here in my garage to do anything including motor swaps.
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Sunday, May 3 2009, 05:50:50 #41682     

Sadly, the spare money that I had has since dried up. I took my car into the Modesto honda dealership for a 30k tuneup which ended up costing me several hundred. They did a whole bunch of shit, but I told them to wait on the brakes. They said the front still had 5mm and only the rear needed work. I thought maybe I could just get a better deal at a shop closer to my home. The next day I take my car into Midas and Fred "fast talking freddy" wants to charge me 500+ for both axel and some other bs with the engine. He tells me the front are worse than the back. WTF. But it turns out that wasn't a total loss as I learned that I can roll down my windows from my key remote. Very happy

I took my shit back to the dealership and a different person checked out my car. ended up paying around fucking 450 for the earlier work and the rear brakes total. Sad

Rick, I think I remember you driving that same car to my house back in the day when we met.. minus a few modifications maybe Laughing I'm looking for a job and when I get some dough maybe I'll hit you up on your offer and buy you many beers for the help. Very happy
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|DRC| psycheus

Sunday, May 3 2009, 15:31:12 #41689     

No problem. If your really broke we can even go to home depot and whip up an intake for ya, lol.
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