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2005 Mustang BBK Throttle Body Install + Tips

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|DRC| Wang

Monday, December 18 2006, 22:23:38 #38590     2005 Mustang BBK Throttle Body Install + Tips

You can start by throwing your directions in the trash can as they will only provide you with a straight shot to Engine Failsafe Mode.

Leave your battery hooked up! When you disconnect/reconnect the battery before/after installation it resets the ECU to stock settings. This will kick the Engine failsafe along with 3 trouble codes (one is a phantom code)

*right/left side refers to direction when standing at the front bumper looking into the engine bay*

Step 1:
Start by removing the stock (or CAI) intake tube leading into the throttle body including all sensors. Simply slide the small red tabs back, pinch lightly, and pull straight away from the plugs. Remove the power supply from the drive-by-wire motor located on the right side of the throttle body, as well as the plug for the TPS sensor on the left side.

Step 2:
Remove the 2 top bolts and the 2 bottom nuts holding the throttle body on the manifold. Be VERY carefull not to damage the gasket that resides between the two (if it comes out with the throttle body simply reinsert into the grooves in the intake manifold). Take the throttle body to a work bench along with a t-20 torx bit & ratchet, flathead screwdriver, and needle nosed pliers.

Step 3:
IMPORTANT: These parts are going to be transferred to the new throttle body, do not damage them!
Remove the small round black plastic cap from the right side of the throttle body. Underneath this cap resides the retaining spring that keeps the butterfly valves tensioned to close. Use the pliers (spread slightly to fit the grooves) and push in to release the spring head's tabs from the plate and rotate clockwise to release the tension.

Step 4:
Use the torx bit to remove the right side plate and set to the side. Do not remove the motor from the plate!!! Remove the spring and transfer to the BBK throttle body making sure to place the tail of the spring in the hole to keep it from moving. Install the plate onto the new throttle body and secure with the bolts from the stock unit.

Step 5:
Use the pliers once again and retension the spring turning it counter-clockwise 180 degrees and allow the tabs to lock themselves back into the plate

Step 6:
Simply enough, transfer the stock TPS to the new Throttle Body using the stock bolts.

Step 7:
Install the new unit using the 2 bolts supplied from BBK for the top and the 2 stock nuts for the bottom studs. Reconnect all plugs/sensors and reinstall the stock intake tube (or CAI). This can be somewhat of a chore as the mouth for the new unit is much larger than stock. It may take some convincing, but should go on with the clamps loosened fully.

Step 8:
Time to climb in the seat. Start by inserting the key into the ignition and rolling it over to the "on" position. DO NOT START THE VEHICLE!!! Roll the key back to off and pull the key out of the ignition. Wait 10 to 15 seconds and repeat the process. This needs to be done at least 4 times. What this is doing is allowing your ECU to adjust to the new part. The first time you roll the key over you may have the Engine Failsafe message displayed on your dash. Rolling the key over will eliminate this.

Step 9:
Start your pony and let her sit at idle for around 10 minutes. This will give you time to gather up and put away your tools or rush your spouse/signifigant other or friends to hear the nasty new growl coming from under the hood. Take your baby around the block making sure that you can get out of 2nd gear without the failsafe kicking on. Then it's time to scare your neighbors!

If you followed these directions you should be trouble free. IF for some reason you are getting a failsafe code before you get out of 2nd gear limp back to your driveway and do the following...

Turn the car off and pop the hood. Unhook all of the sensors/plugs that were previously unhooked during the swap. Back to the cab and roll the key back to "On". Reconnect all plugs/sensors. Roll the key 4 times as previously explained (making sure to give time between rolls) and that should clear the problem.

Any further problems (which I have probably run into) and you can email me at Rwilhite@austin.rr.com and I will be happy to help as much as I can.
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|DRC| Marblecake

Tuesday, December 19 2006, 12:47:44 #38593     

Do the instructions tell you to drive cycle the ECU?????
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Tuesday, December 19 2006, 13:41:57 #38594     

That is an awesome post Wang... however, when I need something complex done to my car... I am coming to you!! Hug
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|DRC| Wang

Tuesday, December 19 2006, 21:45:06 #38603     

No, the instructions do not mention anything about cycling the key. I had to wait 5 days for a tech rep from BBK to send me a half assed email that still did'nt work.

After alot of frustration I was just about to ship it back to BBK and demand my money back. I just decided to reinstall it and try a few things differently and it worked. Been running problem free 2 months straight.
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