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|DRC| Dwel13R

Thursday, February 4 2010, 11:46:12 #42813     AVP

In case you did not know, the new avp demo is available .
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|DRC| Blackshark

Thursday, February 4 2010, 20:27:57 #42815     

it is quite confusing how to play the predator Confused
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|DRC| Syntax

Tuesday, February 9 2010, 21:30:09 #42830     

Yeah it's always been weird to play em.
The truth only hurts the weak minded.
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|DRC| Dwel13R

Tuesday, February 9 2010, 23:35:05 #42831     

The were so many buttons to set i had a headache. omg
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|DRC| Marblecake

Thursday, February 11 2010, 19:38:48 #42841     

I think its garbage. The old 90's aliens game was still the best by far.
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