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BF3 Armoured Kill gameplay

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|DRC| Wartex

Saturday, June 9 2012, 13:40:06 #43991     BF3 Armoured Kill gameplay

Link on YouTube


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|DRC| Messiah

Friday, July 13 2012, 16:54:33 #44026     

looks awesome and makes me want a good PC to run it..
this is going to suck on console.. hopefully next Gen will be good

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|DRC| Wartex

Friday, July 13 2012, 18:26:45 #44027     

Messiah PC gaming sales are all time high this year, surpassing consoles. Buying a console is like buying a 2 year old PC that is filled with concrete so you can't upgrade it. Cost of console games quickly adds up so the money you "save" by spending $299 on PS3 instead of spending $600 on a PC is quickly eaten away by $49.99-59.99 games. On PC games age fast so a $60 game is $29 in 3 months. I really don't get people who buy consoles. Same goes for controllers. I can connect ANY controller to a PC. Be it PS3, xbox, wii - ANY. So playing streetfighter with a joypad instead of keyboard is no longer a problem.

Don't get me started on graphics and multiplayer.

My humble opinion is you should dump your console and get a used PC and get a new video card for it. I build a BF3 box for my stepbrother:

Used parts:

ASUS P5K-VM mobo + case - $50
Intel Core 2 Duo 3 GHz CPU - $60
4GB RAM - $40
GTX 480 vid card - $100
550W psu - $80
Monitor, KB, Mouse - $70
HDD - $40

This $440 rig will totally assrape PS3 and especially XBOX. It runs all 2012 games EASY.

Got battlefield 3 for it for $29.99 on sale.
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|DRC| Messiah

Saturday, July 14 2012, 21:36:39 #44028     

I bought ps3 Luke 7 years ago- been enjoying it. But it is time to get back to pc gaming. Miss the percision and challenge.
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|DRC| Wartex

Sunday, July 15 2012, 14:09:50 #44032     

Damn right! Mr Green

If you want a budget PC get an AMD Phenom based or Intel i5 based mobo (ASUS or Gigabyte), a quad core CPU, 4GB ram and a GTX 550ti vid card and you are set. You can buy all that for super cheap.
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