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Blur your license plate

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Monday, July 31 2006, 12:27:45 #35870     Blur your license plate


I bet some of you need this Very happy
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Monday, July 31 2006, 13:25:05 #35873     

ooohhhhh, i want one...seems really cool, and highly elegal as they said. wonder if he used a different license plate than his own or one that used to be registered to him. because they could trace it back to him and bye bye new cool invention!!!! wonder how much it runs?
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|DRC| Messiah

Monday, July 31 2006, 18:28:21 #35876     

Thats really cool. Wont work IN NY state though. It is illegal in NY state to have ANY cover over your plate... clear or not.. so you would get a ticket before even using it!

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|DRC| psycheus

Monday, July 31 2006, 18:49:36 #35877     

That's so cool! Nice find CornBread. Yes they are very illegal anywhere, I'm sure. CA is very strict about license plate covers also. There was something I remember seeing that does something more simple, with some spray on type stuff. I'll have to see if I can find the link, but it's more for just those stupid cameras that give you a ticket for speeding or running a red light. Around where I live they are getting very big on those things and they are very annoying (not that I run red lights, it's just the fact that there is no one giving you a ticket which I thought was said to be illegal, but they are still doing it anyways.)
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|DRC| Marblecake

Monday, July 31 2006, 20:04:13 #35879     

no thanks I will stick to flip switches. A toggle to flip the plate up using actuators.
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