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Bosch Test Site (North Sweden)

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Does your vehicle have ESP?
1 (50%) Yes
1 (50%) No
0 (0%) My next car will!
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|DRC| Iceman

Saturday, October 31 2009, 09:48:33 #42658     Bosch Test Site (North Sweden)

When I noticed that my car had ESP I wanted to know more about it so I came home and looked it up before I bought it. It demonstrates how ABS and ESP work under extreme conditions in North Sweden. During the program the narrirator/host quotes Mercedes saying that ESP cuts accidents by 1/3, and Toyota says it cuts accidents by 1/2. After seeing what it does it became one of the selling points for me as I put safety very high on my priority list. If you haven't seen this program already it is worth the watch! Very happy

Link on YouTube

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|DRC| Blackshark

Saturday, October 31 2009, 11:40:49 #42660     

thanks for the link. i knew what it was and how it works but never seen it in used that way.
Well i guess it depends on your environment whether your car needs esp or not because in a region without snow you don't get to slide very often. abs on the other hand is quite handy everywhere because it even works when you go 250km/h on the highway.
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|DRC| Iceman

Saturday, October 31 2009, 12:36:07 #42662     

No problem Very happy It is actually does help a vehicle from skidding sideways during accelation on regular pavement as well. I tested it on long and sharp on-ramp that the speed limit was 30 Km/Hr on. When I was around 55 Km/hour or so I could feel it keeping me straight as if I was in a controlled drift. I pushed it over 60 Km and was still taking the corner with ease. I'm sure I could have done over 70 Km/Hr but didn't want to risk it just in case Paranoid Still a very different controlled feeling from behind the wheel which was pretty neet Good
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