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|DRC| Wartex

Friday, January 14 2005, 05:43:58 #20248     Cheating

From now on DRC servers streams all violations to the master ban list.

If you happen to play with an "old" bot/hack cvar, you will be kicked and immediately reported.

There will be no excuses/unbans because we don't control the master ban list.

You will be banned from ALL Quake PB-enabled servers. If you come back with a different CD key, we will ask for hardware ban. Hardware ban means your computer configuration will be banned from ALL servers and ALL games that use punkbuster, not only Quake, regardless of your CD key.

Any Quake modification, inclusing ZZZmodels.pk3 and other bullshit of that sort is considered a hack, and may result (and most likely will) result in global ban.

Have a good day.

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