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Couple of questions on where to buy..

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Wednesday, August 17 2005, 15:30:18 #28329     Couple of questions on where to buy..

Hey all, im gonna be gettin some money and I think i'll spend it all on my car, i plan on gettin black rims / underglow / cold air intake / and a system.. I already have the system bought... so I need some help w/ the cold air / underglow / and rims...

1) Where is the best place (price and performance) that i should look at getting my rims / underglow / cold air

2) on the underglow, i know its illegal to have blue, but i plan on gettin blue, what are the odds (even though its where you live) that i'll get pulled, and waht do u think the fine will be?

3) If i have any extra money, what would be a good idea to get...

Again, i have a Blue Subaru WRX, i have a spoiler.. Interior could use some work, but idk what to get...


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|DRC| Marblecake

Wednesday, August 17 2005, 17:03:04 #28334     

Blue neons are fine if neons are legal in yor state. You can have blue or red head light or fog light bulbs.<----gay anyways. Look into sti parts. AEM makes a intake for wrx. OK do you have the turbo 2.5 or NA 2.5 cuz the intakes are way different. ARC airboxes are dope for intakes off MAF or off a short ram.
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Thursday, September 29 2005, 20:44:59 #29068     

You can't get the wrx in a non turbo Smile It's the EJ20T. As for parts, your best bet, even though it's a little pricey, go with Cobb Tuning for performance parts, they pull more power out of subaru's than any other company. www.cobbtuning.com. Smile
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Saturday, October 8 2005, 20:22:37 #29197     

does that neonkit come with an LED laden rice cooker? Mr Green
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Saturday, October 8 2005, 20:51:16 #29202     

Lmao, it creates it's own rice Smile
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