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Dewalt DC600 / DC600KA cordless driver

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|DRC| Wartex

Friday, July 25 2008, 23:26:17 #41030     Dewalt DC600 / DC600KA cordless driver

I never knew this driver existed!

DC600KA Features
A 3 position locking pivot operated from left or right and a gearbox diameter of only 40 mm for easy access to the tightest of working spaces with maximum user control

Two speed control and 8 torque settings ideal for screwdriving applications and pilot drilling

Pistol grip, soft grip handle and a rapid actuation switch for superior ergonomics and maximum user control in any working position

Quick release 6.35 mm magnetic collet for ease of use and convenience

All metal gearbox, metal gearcase and robust xenoy tool housing tough enough for the professional workplace

Optimised working range in lower power applications upto 6 Nm for when it is a priority not to damage the screwhead or workpiece or where it is critical not to overtighten fixings

LED light operated by an independent switch for visiblity in tight working spaces

DC600KA Specifications
Voltage 3.6 V
Battery Capacity NiCd 1.2 Ah
Tool Holder (Hex) 6.35 mm
Power Output n/a Watts
No Load Speed 200/600 rpm
Max Torque 6 Nm
Weight 0.7 kg
Length 300 mm
Height 65 mm
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|DRC| Iceman

Saturday, December 29 2012, 22:00:26 #44140     

I think (not sure though) this is the same one on sale at Home Depot right now for $60.00. I almost bought it thinking that it would be a good tool to have in my tool box for doing electrical work, but decided to stick to hand tools for now. Maybe down the road I'll invest into a power driver.
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|DRC| Wartex

Saturday, January 5 2013, 12:03:41 #44142     

The one at home depot is actually much worse north american model, it's 7.2v and it sucks.

I tested all of them (Dewalt, Milwaukee, Makita) and the best one is this one

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|DRC| Iceman

Tuesday, January 8 2013, 15:19:38 #44144     

I don't know about the other brands but I went back and bought the 7.2V and have not had any issues with it. In fact it has so torque that if I have set too high I can't hold onto it, and is great for doing electrical work. All I need now is to find another 7.2V battery, because they have discontinued the model I bought.
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