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Wednesday, April 22 2009, 13:23:56 #41506     DO NOT WANT

I would just like to say one thing. One mention, and then forever banish it from my mind. I think it might actually be necessary, this denial of certain... experiences, shall we say, to continue being sane.

Do not watch Dragonball: Evolution.
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|DRC| Blackshark

Thursday, April 23 2009, 04:01:01 #41508     

true. i would like to see that stupid mofo hang who had produced such a movie.

and yes i am a true dragonball fan from the first minute.
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|DRC| Syntax

Thursday, April 23 2009, 20:19:43 #41512     


I said that when they announced it.

Some people actually gave it good reviews.
The truth only hurts the weak minded.
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|DRC| psycheus

Wednesday, April 29 2009, 12:37:02 #41625     

Well there's always those die hard fans that will love it no matter what..
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|DRC| Syntax

Wednesday, April 29 2009, 12:47:53 #41628     

Actually the good reviews came from people who DIDN'T know, like, or have previous encounters with DBZ.

Everyone who had, committed suicide whilst in the audience during the screening.
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|DRC| Ryxan

Thursday, May 28 2009, 19:37:04 #41989     

That's the new one that came out, yes?
"A calm mind and steady hand makes you... DEADLY WITH A RAILGUN!" -Common Sense
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Friday, May 29 2009, 10:48:42 #42006     

yes, although you wouldn't know it, there was like 0 tv ads. If you have any self respect at all, do NOT see this movie.
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|DRC| Ryxan

Monday, June 1 2009, 13:25:14 #42033     

I watched the trailer and lost 2 minutes of my life.
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