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Does squash exist in USA/Canada?

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|DRC| Death

Friday, September 28 2007, 14:44:51 #40428     Does squash exist in USA/Canada?

I play a lot of squash here. Is there a big demand for it in Canada? I hope so... Smile
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Friday, September 28 2007, 21:54:31 #40430     

I have been playing racquetball for over 20 years and it is still quite popular at the local club. I [lay in 4 to 5 tournaments a year, mostly local - maybe as far as New York if I am playing really well.

There isn't much if any squash players or courts that I am aware of except in the city of Philadelphia.
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|DRC| Death

Saturday, September 29 2007, 04:53:08 #40432     

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|DRC| Iceman

Sunday, September 30 2007, 14:01:38 #40443     

Of course it exists! lol .....I have a squash racquet, and used to play once in awhile when I was a member at the local Sportsplex. It shouldn't be a problem finding one in Alberta in case you’re wondering.

Also, referring to Canada as single entity would be like saying that the USA doesn't have states, or the U.K. is just Britain by itself. Each city and Province in Canada is different, and have their own individual laws, as well as their own forms of recreation. My suggestion is to check the city that you will be moving to if they have one or not. Chances are good that they probably will have one, as Halifax is a small city and has a few different ones.
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|DRC| Death

Sunday, September 30 2007, 14:36:24 #40445     

Ok thanks Iceman. We went to some leisure centres in Calgary and they had some there Smile. Next thing is finding someone to play with lol
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|DRC| Wartex

Sunday, September 30 2007, 23:49:24 #40448     

When you guys talk about games like suqsh only 1 thing comes to my mind:

Wait for the video to load and drag the slider to 18:30 (time shows in top right corner)



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