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|DRC| Death

Saturday, October 24 2009, 19:49:19 #42627     DRC Musicians unite!

I made this thread so all DRC musicians discuss what you play, share ideas and possibly post what you may have recorded. Very happy

ATM I'm working on instrumentals of the following on guitar:

Yesterday - Beatles (Learnt ages ago but forgot, need refreshing)
My Way - Frank Sinatra (half way done, I love it so far)
Cavatina (Theme from Deer Hunter) - (done already, just need to record)
Strangers In The Night - Frank Sinatra (not even started, just an idea. May not even work as well as I imagine).
Blackbird - Beatles (Can do, needs recording)
Adelita - Terrega - (Can do, needs recording)
And I Love Her - Beatles (again this is an idea, may not work as well as I hope).
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word - Elton John (started, needs finishing)
Can You Feel The Love Tonight - Elton John (an idea)
Dance With My Father - Luther Vandross - (love the song, and would like to try but I don't know how well it will turn out)
Hallelujah - (can do, needs recording)
Imagine - John Lennon - (an idea)
O Canada - (Mainly because they play "user submitted" ones in the school I'm at so I may work on one for them to play.

When I get some recording equipment I'll post the results up Smile

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|DRC| Zyprexa

Sunday, October 25 2009, 05:01:21 #42629     

I'm part of a band, 'Guggenmusig' Wink It's a Fasnacht thing. Maybe Blackshark will get what I mean, it's kinda hard to explain :-)
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|DRC| Wartex

Sunday, October 25 2009, 12:51:36 #42631     

can you post links to mp3s?

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|DRC| Blackshark

Sunday, October 25 2009, 13:43:58 #42632     

whats up with all this love and soft songs?
play something hard from metallica for example Laughing
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|DRC| Zyprexa

Sunday, October 25 2009, 13:57:16 #42633     

I might be able in February to do that Smile I'll keep it in mind though
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|DRC| Death

Sunday, October 25 2009, 15:22:45 #42635     

Lol @ blackshark. I've gone off that kinda stuff now. We used to have a band in like 8th Grade and that's all we ever used to play. Some slow, depressing stuff doesn't go amiss Wink

@ Zy, yeah I'd love to hear your band too. I'm looking into recording so when I've figured out how to use everything I'll post something up.

Actually Blackshark you've actually convinced me to try something heavier, I'll get practising Smile
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|DRC| Death

Tuesday, October 27 2009, 02:08:14 #42638     

I've come to recording time and I'm now going about trying to find out how to get a mini studio going on my laptop. I'm DLing Cubase and Reason as I type (going thru word of mouth on these two, although I've used Cubase before). Anybody got any experience/advice on these two?

As I'm using a laptop on this I don't really know what to expect. I'm looking for an "item" of some kind that I can plug into my laptop line in (mic input? is it the same thing?) and plug the guitar into this "item". I've no idea what it's called but I'm sure it must exist. And hopefully thru this item you can alter effects and change tone and whatever? I'm assuming it exists because to record before I used to just plug a mic in, switch it on and play the guitar into it, with pretty disastrous results when I look back.

Anyone know what this item I'm looking for is? Or a way to get from guitar -> computer via some kind of line input?

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