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|DRC| Wartex

Tuesday, December 9 2003, 00:06:39 #412     DRC NAME COLORS AND RANKS

DRC has 7 ranks and 5 classes.









Archon - keeping this community together, making regulations, making important decisions, protecting my people from outsiders. I host servers (other members help too), design the website, write articles, write software, moderate the forum, recruit, make sure everyone is happy, basically making all this happen.

(Thanks to |DRC| Intekra for old forum hosting).

Legacy Realm

Regents - the senate, most trusted and loyal to DRC. Legacy Realm recruits (as well as expells), promotes, makes decisions, regulations, moderates forums and servers, controls the direction of the community, organizing matches. Only members with high tenure can be accepted to Legacy Realm. Decision of the Legacy Realm (voice of majority) overrides any other decision of any other class, including Archon's.


Sentinels - guardians. This is a special rank. Sentinels are responsible for catching impostors, cheaters, this includes both outsiders in quake and people within the community, as well as monitoring newcomers. Sentinels must report to Archon or Regents directly.

Mavens - experts. Experienced, loyal and trusted. Responsible for recruiting as well as moderating the forums and servers, organazing clanwars. Mavens are the middlemen between the Legacy Realm and the Commons.


Proven - members who proved to be trustworthy and reliable. Responsible for promoting our community, forums, servers, maps, helping junior members (with Quake, VoiceChat, forums etc), as well as providing outsiders with information on recruitment.


Vanguards - newbies who secured their place within our community, but do not have enought tenure for higher ranks. Responsible for watching over Tyros (to make sure newbies don't damage our reputation by shit-talking to others, cheating in games etc.). Also responsible for promoting our community, forums, servers, as well as providing outsiders with information on recruitment.

Tyros - newbies. After 30-day trial period of active participation Tyros are promoted to Vanguards. If Tyros do not show up online for more than 5 consecutive days they are dropped from the clan and need to apply again, basically start from the scratch. Minimum tenure before Tyro can be promoted to a Vanguard is 30 days from the moment of registration on this forum.


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