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DRC Radio - Need ShoutCast hosters!

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|DRC| Wartex

Saturday, October 15 2005, 00:23:59 #29372     

|DRC| Iceman wrote:
|DRC| Wartex wrote:
I_DID_NOT_SEE_IT Mr Green Twak! Blushing

Just fill out the Advanced search form with your specifications, check "Audio Streaming" then click "Find Hosts" at the bottom Twak! Mr Green

That's the problem. If I could do that myself, I would have googled the hosts individually. I'm asking you to find a host, and post a link here directly to the page that explains the deal, and specify bitrate, prices, bandwidth limitations etc. It's like no one wan't to take this into their hands, people just post "suggestions".

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|DRC| Iceman

Saturday, October 15 2005, 01:44:26 #29373     

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