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Effects of Salvia Divinorum

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|DRC| Wartex

Saturday, May 12 2007, 09:42:11 #40036     Effects of Salvia Divinorum

Salvia divinorum is completely legal. Salvia is a powerful psychoactive plant, a member of the sage genus and the mint family. It pretty much makes you trip like you're on mushrooms, but the trip hits you instantly upon exhaling, and only lasts a few minutes. Salvia is most effective if you smoke it out of a bong. From experience I do not recommend the purchase or use of salvia. It's a waste of money, if you really want to do drugs, then do illegal drugs! If you're still thinking about trying it... Here's a few videos of some idiots tripping on salvia. Maybe they'll make you change your mind.

Link on YouTube

Link on YouTube

Link on YouTube
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Sunday, October 14 2007, 02:27:32 #40497     

I bought some of this stuff at a local shop and tried it a few times with no effects. I think I had 15x or 20x concentration. I'm not sure what the norm is, though.
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|DRC| Iceman

Sunday, October 14 2007, 08:45:10 #40498     

Now there is what I call intelligent! ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL .....If something can effect people that dramatically in just a few seconds, just think about what it does to you long term. I swear that the new generation of kids are going to be worse then brain dead. Just look at who is running both of our Countries ROFL

I think both Harper, and Bush must have got a bad batch of this stuff Dizzy Laughing
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|DRC| psycheus

Thursday, October 25 2007, 08:06:38 #40545     

Wow that's a trip, I've heard about this stuff but never actually tried it myself. Doesn't seem like it's worth it to me. That's stuff has to mess you up in the long run. BTW last 2 vids are broken.
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