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First paintball game!

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|DRC| Death

Saturday, August 4 2007, 16:20:55 #40291     First paintball game!

I had my first paintball game today. Good is an understatement :grin:. Apart from the price, I don't have any complaints about it. It's good fun, energetic, painful to the point where you're not in agony but not so you don't feel it. Smoke grenades were a bit crap, didn't do much apart from make you trip over every branch and other crap lying on the ground. Guns were awesome, had Tippmann Custom 95 or something like that. It's on Tippmann site. Got hit on the arm and a few on the legs, bit brusied :grin:. Good fun tho, highly recommended.

P.S. Anyone that plays it, what do you do if you get hit in the 'lower regions'? :|
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|DRC| Marblecake

Wednesday, August 22 2007, 05:49:48 #40313     

Oh you play more army based. I will upload my tourney match for axbl from last week. We fucking owned hard. I put my new ultra light frame on my PM it was awesome.
For the lower area hits buy a pair of DYE slide shorts. They have minor padding and they work well with my empire pants. I dont even get turf burn when I slide and most hits bounce off them.

It is fun though
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