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|DRC| Blackshark

Saturday, November 5 2011, 17:28:13 #43841     For religious and non religious

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|DRC| Iceman

Tuesday, November 15 2011, 23:33:10 #43853     

Great find! That 31 minutes was well spent. He made some really good points in his lecture; Ones that a person would not typically think about. I am sure he was ridiculed for speaking out by the Christians though.

Religion has always been very interesting to me. Having been born, raised, and confirmed Catholic one would think that I would follow suite and 'believe' in the same way that other Catholic followers do, especially coming from a religious background like mine. My father is even a member of the Knights of Columbus (4th Degree), but I don't.

At an early age I learned an interesting skill to 'listen' to what people have to say, rationalize it in my own head, and if I did not fully understand to look further into it until I did have a good enough understanding to make a sound decision. In my case I used to go to church with my parents because it was expected of me, and I would listen intently to try and understand the information being relayed to the congregation. I even went to bible study with my parents at a rectory and always had questions. My questions were always legitimate ones, and never meant to mock or make fun. I just wanted a legit answer that would make sense to me that had evidence to support it. If my memory serves me correctly it seems to me that I never really received any valid answers that had evidence to support it. When ever a wall was hit, I was always told 'Because it is God's will', then I knew not to question anymore because they did not know the information I was curious about.

When I started to question Religion I only thought it would be fair and make good sense to do some research on other Religions to try and understand what they believed in, and why they believed in it. It was interesting to read about different Religions and really gave good insight to why people are they way they are in society, and in every day life. I read about some different Religions including: Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Paganism. I know there are no doubt many more, but I thought I would to to understand what seems to be the 'major' Religions.

While reading about Religions and trying to understand them, I asked myself a couple questions that caused me to basically discredit all of them.

When you think about Religion from a 'human' perspective, on the level of an 'individual' basis, and rationalize 'belief', you soon discover that no one is right.

Example: If one person believes in a Christian God, and another person believes in a planet being a god, and another person believes in the Santa Claus as being their God, and another person believes in the Tooth Fairy as being their God, then who is right?

The problem with 'believe' is that it is 'just' that. A belief, with no sustainable facts, or evidence to back it up. Hence why there are so many wars over religion, because everyone believes that they are right and everyone else is wrong. Obviously they are not rationally thinking it through, but then again there is nothing about Religion that is 'rational'.

Don't get me wrong. I think there are 'aspects' of Religion that are good even a person does not believe in a God. In my opinion, if a person legitamitley follows 'most' religions believes as they should be followed, they will no doubt lead a good life, as a good person which is at the end of the day, what any 'true' religious person would want. For me, I think for myself, and have my own ideas but try to live my life the best life I can live. If that is wrong of me, or if there turns out to be a god and he chooses to condem me for trying to live a good life and not going to church and tithing, then so be it. I guess he will just have to accept those believers who are child molesters (but have had their sins forgiven) into heaven and send me to hell. I'll be happy to go. Good
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