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Forum getting hacked

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Monday, April 30 2012, 19:50:15 #43968     Forum getting hacked

Some of you guys have noticed from time to time Firefox/Chrome will pop up a warning that our site is distributing malware. These warning are legitimate, do not proceed to the forum until the warnings are gone, come back next day when I clean up the hack. I just wanted to let you know that we are getting hacked on server level, i.e. that there is no open holes on the forum and hackers break into the server via holes in the server software, and own a whole bunch of websites at once on that machine.

Our hoster DreamHost has been repeatedly hacked, I warned them and they ignored me until it blew up into their face on social media sites. I have showed them how I can access other user's info and they brushed that under the carpet.

They rarely admit to being owned and this is very bad. We have another year to go (Psycheus prepaid 2 years) and after that we are moving to virtual private or a different host. We will also be moving out of USA, probably to Russia or Sweden due to very bad policies such as SOPA / CISPA being voted on in USA.

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