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|DRC| Zyprexa

Tuesday, March 2 2010, 17:46:30 #42892     Forum performance

hi all, i'm having immmmmense difficulties getting on the forum lately (both from IE and FF). loading times range in the minutes. Anybody else having similar issues? I have tried trcroute, traceroute, ping, nslookup, wget (index page took 20sec to load using wget) ... and so on. could not locate the problem. Does the forum server have some sort of QoS?

Any help is appreciated. Btw, all other pages are just fine. I have a brandnew 20mb/s connection. I also tried from different locations but same result.

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|DRC| Wartex

Wednesday, March 3 2010, 02:19:52 #42893     

First of all, thanks for your feedback!

I always want to know if there are some problems with the site.

One of the reasons the forum gets slow is the influx of spambots/email rippers. I have a number of measures that insta-ban various fags who try to rip email addresses off the forum and the banfile grows big very quickly. Every image/page that is requested from the server is matched against said banfile and it slows the loading down. I clean it regularly but it fills up pretty fast, I need to implement some kind of expiration for bans.

On a typical day there are 10-20 unique spiders visiting the forum and attempt to register accounts for spam or simply rip email addresses from pages. All email addresses are javascript- encoded in the HTML body and are decoded by your browser when you load the page. 99% of bots don't support javascript so they see email@domain.com as "a5hsk@jkfdbs.xqm"

There are also at least 2-3 attempts to hack the forum per day using advanced techniques such as buffer overflows, SQL injection, php injection and so on. Our hoster manages this and protects us from most of these attacks.

I just emptied the banfile, let me know if it's faster.

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|DRC| Zyprexa

Friday, March 5 2010, 19:36:53 #42898     

Hey Wartex, thanks for your reply. I tried the past two days but the problem persists. It must be on my end. I remember doing a VERY short test on a different ESSID inside town. That yielded in more or less normal index page loading. But as I said, that's all I did.

I need to pull more tests.... It really is rather strange. Thanks for your help so far. I'll try as an anonymous browser (performance) and then from maybe an Internet café. We'll see :-)
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|DRC| Wartex

Friday, March 5 2010, 22:36:36 #42899     

If you are leeching off wifi, get a card on ebay that has SMA connectors and get an external antenna for it or build a Yagi antenna yourself. Then you can pick up wifi from more remote locations (~100m - 10 Km) which might be significantly faster. You can also get a pair of Motorola Canopy (wireless AP and subscriber module) and set up a long link (2 - 40 KM) to a friend who has internet.
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|DRC| Zyprexa

Thursday, March 11 2010, 19:50:11 #42902     

yo, news. up until yesterday the connection stayed VERY slow, just right now, it's back to normal. I have no explanation... ? :-) anyways, it's working again.
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