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|DRC| Wartex

Monday, November 17 2003, 02:16:42 #53     !!! FORUM RULES --- MUST READ !!!

General rules:




Send me an email instead or contact me via any instant messenger, contacts are at the bottom of this post.

Anyone having more than one account will get a permanent ban.

1. Rule #1: Follow the rubrication (comply with topic/category, duh) and do not flood, i.e. make sure your thread or post is appropriate on a particular board, and do not start do discuss off-topic stuff just because someone mentioned something unrelated to the subject, create a new thread instead and post a link to it!

A: Yo guys check these screenshots!
B: Wow, nice! What program did you use to make those?
A: Hypersnap DX
C: Anyone knows where I can download it?
D: I tried downloading it and it does not work....
C: Really? What operating system do you have?
As you can see the thread started with a screenshot discussion and ended with off-topic message flood. If you are looking for a particular program, create a separate thread in "Software" board and discuss it there. Why is this important? Because after 1 year if no one follows these simple rules this board will be full of useless topics, and users will not be able to find any useful information in the pile of outdated rubbish discussions. If you are bored, post a separate thread in "The Daily Drool" or send a PM, or if you have a question make sure you post it on the most suitable for the subject board.

2. Rule #2: Do not shit-talk to anyone. Note this does not mean "do not use obscene language". Provocative messages, calling names with no need is considered shittalking. Do not fire back with shit unless you are absolutely sure that your opponent DOES MEAN what he says.

3. Rule #3: Use SEARCH to avoid duplicate threads/questions.

4. If you changed your mind or made a mistake do not post a new message with a correction, edit the original one instead. If you don't have permissions to edit, only in that case you can post a correction. Also, it is a good manner to explain why you edited your post.

5. Don't be afraid to ask questions, there are no stupid questions. Stupid are people who are afraid to ask questions and people who ask the same question twice. Use the damn SEARCH first!

6. Do not come here to bitch at DRC members. If your ego/feelings was hurt, PM Archon or one of the Regents. This is a discussion and information forum, not a complaint registry. Whining and complaints will be simply deleted, so don't even bother typing.

7. If you do not agree with someone, do not call them names, instead post your opinion on the subject discussed and see what others have to say. Flaming (provocative messages, insults) is prohibited and all such posts will be deleted.

8. No political or religic discussions are allowed on this forum unless topic was posted by a senior DRC member.

8. No pornographic pictures, videos or links to such materials can be posted.

9. If you have any ideas or suggestions, do not hesitate to post on the appropriate board!

Rules for DRC members:
1. This is our forum. Do not let shitheads flame and spam here. Close (on deletion, see next rule) inapropriate threads.

2. Moderators (Regents/Mavens) should not delete/edit posts or threads of other people at their own discretion, they should ask the opinion of one of other seniors (Regent or Archon). If you are not sure and everyone is offline, close the thread but do not delete it. Archon must know what is going on on this board, so DO NOT DELETE any threads or posts without telling him or one of the other seniors.

3. Use PM (private message) if needed instead of posting it in the "DRC Only" forum.


Rules may change so check this thread before you do something cheesy Very happy

If you have mental disabilities and do not fully comprehend the forementioned, we suggest that you watch the Flash version of the Rules from another forum: http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/posting.php

Last edited by |DRC| Wartex on 13:47, Saturday Apr 7 2007; edited 7 times in total
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|DRC| Wartex

Saturday, November 4 2006, 13:14:04 #37675     

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