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G'day from OZ

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Tuesday, July 26 2005, 03:05:09 #27745     G'day from OZ

:roll:Hi ya all.A big hello from Australia! You may have seen me getting around with the name =Tyros=GazzMoss ....It's a mistake....silly me Laughing when Wartex told me to register i thought that was it & i was in at the level of tyros! I've since found out that ive been fantasizing Laughing ...& my application has to be approved ! So how long before i will be =tyros= gazzmoss..only time will tell i suppose! I've also upgraded to cable from the 10 of august so goodbye ping....so look out..youre gone... Laughing cyas in there...looking forward to making some new freinds..if you see me come say hello..GazzMoss ...P.S. If youve fragged a Drc ass to bits can that hinder your application Laughing i think i got him when he was tired....(no name's) Laughing
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Tuesday, July 26 2005, 03:16:02 #27746     

Hehe I hope that wasn't me.. might have been. Smile It's nice to see you finally on the forums, since you've been playin at the server for a while now. Welcome and throw another shrimp on the barbie for me. Wink
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Tuesday, July 26 2005, 06:13:18 #27754     

yo gazzmoss wahaaaaassaaappaning?!
play us some yazz flute ROFL ROFL ROFL
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Tuesday, July 26 2005, 19:05:16 #27779     

I fear you with low ping. Your good with the ping you have. Rocket Launcher
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|DRC| Marblecake

Tuesday, July 26 2005, 19:54:27 #27785     

Hey can you mail me some jack jumpers if I pay you for them. I want to throw them in someones car. Tehe.
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Wednesday, July 27 2005, 20:01:24 #27814     

wtf is a jack jumper? Some type of smelly fish?
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|DRC| Marblecake

Wednesday, July 27 2005, 20:07:58 #27815     

Its a ant that has one of the most poisonous stings in the world.
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Thursday, July 28 2005, 03:05:27 #27824     

Willkommen Gazz Moss

Very happy
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