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Sunday, January 29 2006, 21:19:59 #32602     Hello!

Hey guys, i played Iceman on my quake3 server @ chi.aswp.net:27960.

We played some 1v1 for a bit on it, then he introduced me to your xbattle server and we played a couple of games.

Hopefully we can setup a schedule or something to play again on the xbattle server Smile.

BTW: i'm with clan ASWP and also part of the Burial-Grounds crew.

Here are there site: http://www.aswp.net and http://www.burial-grounds.com

Peace Guys
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|DRC| Messiah

Sunday, January 29 2006, 21:47:11 #32603     

Welcome to DRC. Hope to see more of you and your clan around

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|DRC| Death

Monday, January 30 2006, 03:49:27 #32609     

Welcome to DRC! Very happy
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|DRC| Iceman

Monday, January 30 2006, 18:24:34 #32619     

He forgot to meantion that he owned my ass as well! Laughing I did crawl within a couple frags in one game I believe Wink I would have to say that he definatley out played me in most of the games...........I just wish I could have got my rail working. I was shooting b/w 25% - 30% rail which is pretty poor for me. I am usually in 40% - 45% range........Thats my only excuse Very happy

Was alot of fun though, none the less! Good A good player with a good attitude is always nice to see for a change.

ggz, and hope to see you back on the server Yes

P.S. Try to get some of your team mates to register as well, so we can organize a scrim Very happy Since you have ran an x-battle server in the past you know the potential and gametypes it supports. Right now we have a config for FFA, 1vs1, IU CTF, Clan Arena, (not sure about freeze)........Thats all I can remember off the top of my head, but it would be awesome to scrim in different gametypes/physics etc;
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Monday, January 30 2006, 18:26:01 #32620     

Welcome to the boards - I will be checking out your forums too... Good
The Harder You Work The Luckier You Get!
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Saturday, February 4 2006, 15:50:09 #32679     


Sunday, February 5 2006, 00:53:38 #32691     

Welcome. We bite Mr Green
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|DRC| Wang

Sunday, February 12 2006, 02:50:08 #32835     

Viciously Very happy
I see Honesty and Greed fighting with lightsabers. Honesty is decapitated, and Greed takes a steamy piss on the dead body. -Wartex Maul 3:16-
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