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Sunday, October 14 2007, 01:42:54 #40495     Hello!

Hello all! I was linked here from a reddit comment thread, and I see this community seems to be much less bullshit-oriented, which sounds refreshing.

Good to be here!
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|DRC| Iceman

Sunday, October 14 2007, 08:47:22 #40499     

Welcome to the forum! ...There is usually always something interesting posted here, so stick around! Very happy
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|DRC| Wartex

Sunday, October 14 2007, 20:11:07 #40503     

Hi and welcome to the forum. That post on reddit was my shameless plug Blushing

Poke around, there is a lot of interesting articles and discussions. DRC forums are not USA-centered like Reddit and we try to avoid politics etc. Right now forums are kinda slow because most DRC members are "busy with RL" Very happy but activity picks up when there are new people. We used to be a gaming-oriented community (Quake) but now it kinda spread out in different directions, mostly technology. There are hidden forums, if you are interested in hackerdom/programming, I will give you access. Anyways, welcome Yes sir!

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|DRC| Messiah

Sunday, October 14 2007, 21:33:29 #40507     

welcome to the site.. this is basically a BS free zone.. good people here.. welcome

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|DRC| Zyprexa

Monday, October 15 2007, 02:25:16 #40509     

Welcome here, enjoy your stay! Smile
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|DRC| Death

Monday, October 15 2007, 12:43:33 #40510     

Welcome! Wartex summarised it really! Very happy
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