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|DRC| Therion

Thursday, June 11 2009, 07:12:28 #42150     Hello

Hello everyone. I'm from Ukraine. Used to play Quake but now play mostly BF2 on VBIOS servers.
Wartex game me invite, now I want to join you in Quake Arene live.
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|DRC| Zyprexa

Thursday, June 11 2009, 07:52:48 #42151     

Hey, welcome to this place! Enjoy your stay
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|DRC| Death

Thursday, June 11 2009, 10:59:10 #42152     

'Sup man. Welcome to DRC forums.
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Thursday, June 11 2009, 13:52:21 #42162     

Welcome! Hope you can survive the hazing rituals. Twak! Burned Rocket Launcher
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|DRC| Blackshark

Thursday, June 11 2009, 14:49:20 #42163     

Welcome to DRC. Have a nice stay and tell us something more about you.
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|DRC| Therion

Thursday, June 11 2009, 23:46:11 #42165     

Well, i'm 25 years old, married, have a daughter 1.9 years old. My PC config: P4 3.2/ 1.5 Gb ram/7600 GS video. I live in Ukraine, Lutsk. Knowing Wartex since when i was 5 or 4 years old Kiddie . In Ukraine we have DRC BF2 Clan. Now we want to make our russian sepaking DRC site. When it'll be ready I give you a link. ( it's 6:50 a.m. in ukraine now) Smile
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Friday, June 12 2009, 15:51:30 #42169     

Hi Therion. Cool pic.
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|DRC| Marblecake

Saturday, June 20 2009, 06:34:28 #42201     

Whats up and welcome aboard.
"Shrink" Are you a assasin? "Me" Assasin sounds so exotic. Im just a murderer.
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