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Hey all DRC peeps!

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Friday, July 8 2005, 22:22:26 #27188     Hey all DRC peeps!

wow.. i must've registered here a while ago..

that name DRC SLIM looks soo familiar. do you play 1.16 or demo servers much???

I just talked to DRC OLDie in one of your servers a bit ago and we exchanged websites.. although i was registered here some time ago it would seem. Did ya'll used to host some servers in the 1.16 community??

I was in your server the other day when you loaded the x-battle mod.. damn that rail freezetag was so f'n cool!! i loved teh snow flakes and the players lookin like they're frozen in ice. My clan is a freezetag clan, but the mod we use is only server side, so you don't get any REAL snow like effects..

Anyway, i just thought i'd say hey.

our site is www.clan01.com
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Friday, July 8 2005, 22:52:42 #27191     

Hi Gangularis, gald you could stop by. And nice website! If your interested in checking out the freeze mode in battle mod some more, let us know. I'd be happy to arrange a time where you could bring your clanmates over to try it out and see if they like it as well. msn is hal9000_69 at hotmail dot com or send me a PM here (pm will probably get to me faster). Good
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Friday, July 8 2005, 23:32:31 #27193     

Hey Ganularis, I played it, but not by this name. You might recognize my name from your clan forum. I posted a few times a while back. Good to see yah. Smile
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Saturday, July 9 2005, 05:16:37 #27197     

lol.. i remember now..

wow, i totally forgot about it.. and now here i am, stumbling across your forum several months later after finally experiencing the x-battle mod (and totally lovin it).

When i get time, i'll have to add your site to our links.
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Monday, August 22 2005, 18:00:19 #28482     

Thanks for stopping by Gangularis! I think you'll soon see that x-battle is far superior to any other q3 mod Yes

Question: How did you come up with your name? Sorry if you've been asked this before (because you probally get asked all the time) but I was just curious if it stands for something or if its something you made up?

Welcome to our humble aboad! Very happy
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