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Hey all- New some Falsh Help

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|DRC| Messiah

Wednesday, September 1 2010, 13:20:24 #43076     Hey all- New some Falsh Help

Hi everyone, I finally remembered my Username and Password! sorry for distance, but been very very busy.

Anyone know how to use flash here? maybe you could help me with something simple? PM me.... Thanks all

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|DRC| Wartex

Wednesday, September 1 2010, 23:54:58 #43078     

email Death, afaik he is good with flash

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|DRC| Messiah

Thursday, September 2 2010, 08:34:23 #43090     

thanks.. its a simple thing i am sure, just cant figure out the actionscript...
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|DRC| Messiah

Friday, September 10 2010, 14:33:53 #43100     

If you read this Death or anyone else who knows flash well. I have a movie that runs through and I need one section of the end to loop once the movie completes. What is the action to make it go back to one secion and make it loop.
OR, I have two movies (headers) Once one movie completes how do I make it jump to a second scene or movie and make that second movie loop itself?

If you need a reference. go to www.honeydomen.com and look at the header. Now click on any link and you will see a new header where the phone number loops on the animation. I want to make the main header jump to that portion. I have two SWF files now but would prefer to use one. (I did that flash animation for that site)

I think it may be just an action script setting, but I am not sure. I looked and didnt see anything i could use.
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