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Friday, October 14 2005, 01:06:41 #29325     Hi...

Hello everyone. Most of you probably dont know me. My name is IMP@QT (real name is Steve). I used to be a member of |DRC| about 2 years ago. By circumstances of negative proportions, i left. I created too much drama at the time with Wartex and a few others. I hope that time has healed some wounds and we can all let the past stay where it is and move on into the future with nothing but positive relationships throughout. I dont intend to create trouble here with anyone, i just want a chance to start fresh and maybe reconcile differences between me and some of the old |DRC| members that know me.

For the shit that happened in the past Wartex, im sorry.
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|DRC| Death

Friday, October 14 2005, 14:48:05 #29334     

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|DRC| Marblecake

Tuesday, October 18 2005, 14:17:22 #29486     

I remember you. Evil grin
"Shrink" Are you a assasin? "Me" Assasin sounds so exotic. Im just a murderer.
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|DRC| Strawberry

Tuesday, October 18 2005, 14:56:43 #29487     

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Wednesday, October 19 2005, 17:25:28 #29539     

Welcome Very happy
|DRC| psycheus

Saturday, December 24 2005, 14:52:34 #31669     

I dunno.. you did burn some bridges here bro. I will forgive you but others may not.
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|DRC| Wartex

Monday, December 26 2005, 23:32:48 #31746     

He is banned I think

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