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Hilarity ensues (more auto problems)

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Thursday, June 11 2009, 13:46:21 #42160     Hilarity ensues (more auto problems)

My brother was in an accident for the first time two days ago (I have yet to be in one).

He was sitting at a red light, waiting to turn left, when suddenly BAAAMM a car from behind decided to test the laws of physics, hitting him so hard it made the car jump forward a few feet slamming directly into the back of the guy in front of him. All 3 cars sustained mild to significant damage. Now, my brother drives a old POS, but the guy in front was in a brand new ford Fuzion! I would be pissed.

The dumb woman who failed to see several parked cars in her path (and was sober at the time, go figure) admitted fault, and her insurance company might declare my bro's car totaled.

So that's awesome. Oh, did I mention we just spent a bunch of time and money maintaining his car? We sure did.
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Friday, June 12 2009, 15:55:31 #42171     

What kind of car is it?
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Friday, June 12 2009, 17:42:59 #42173     

an old lincoln towncar, same as mine, yet older and more broken down.
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Thursday, June 18 2009, 18:35:24 #42196     

a parts car now for you Laughing
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|DRC| Marblecake

Saturday, June 20 2009, 06:51:36 #42207     

Hey who cares how old it is. Its a car and many people dont own one. Just be thankful hes ok and you can always replace a car.
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