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How to become a DRC member

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|DRC| Wartex

Monday, October 18 2004, 08:19:03 #14724     How to become a DRC member

Step 1: What is DRC?

All DRC members are good friends. We are not some "email pals", not an "online game clan" or "IM buddies". DRC is a lot more, it's a life experience. Being surrounded by loyal and trusworthy, respecting people is not something you can easily get anywhere.

DRC is a closed community and being a member is a privilege which members value a lot.

DRC divides it's members into 5 classes, total of 7 ranks. DRC ranks and classes are based on contributions to the community. They do not give any exceptional powers, however they reflect amount of work you have committed to the community, therefore you earn respect of the community.

DRC are people you may rely on no matter what happens in you life. If you are here to spam the boards and run around in 3D games with us, for the "hell of it" or to "check it out", DRC is not for you.

Everything is voluntary. We accept you into our community, therefore we expect us to be YOUR community. If you want to be "back of the bus" and not deal with anyone, DRC is not for you. If you don't feel like making new friends, DRC is not for you. If you can't trust people and think everyone wants to rip you off, DRC is not for you. If you are too proud to apologize when you messed up, DRC is not for you. If you think other people don't matter and you are always "right no matter what", DRC is not for you. If you can't resolve a personal conflict, DRC is not for you.

Think about it.


Step 2: What are the requirements?

If you are interested, you must meet these requirements:


1. Must be at least full 18 years of age (exceptions possible).

2. Can be of any naturally assigned gender.

3. Must not have any major criminal records, like murder (accidental or intentional), theft, fraud or drug-related.

4. Must not be a member of any extremist religious sect, whether hardcore catholic, christian, muslim or any other. We have a neutral stance on religion. If you think God that you believe in is "the true god", and everyone else are "infidels" and therefore must die, you are not DRC material.

5. Must not be a member of any law/policy enforcement agency (exceptions possible, as long as there is no conflict of interests), including RIAA, BSA, MPAA etc.

6. Must not be a member of any other organization that may affect the life of DRC as a whole or on an individual basis (we don't need priests/hippies/spiritual parents and etc bullshit).

7. You can not be a member of any other gaming clan or online community, that may interfere with interests of DRC. Interests of DRC are those corresponding to beliefs and opinions of Archon, Regents, Sentinels and Mavens.

8. Must have a valid address of long-term residence, sorry, no gypsies allowed.

9. Must have at least one landline telephone number. Persons with wireless phones only may be considered at the discretion of Regency.

10. Must have broadband internet connection - minumum ISDN 64kbps, recommended xDSL or cable.

11. Must have VoIP software installed like Skype or TeamTalk

12. Must have an ICQ account and must be signed in on it whenever signed in on other IM networks. MSN, AOL and Yahoo! messengers are not suitable because they do not support offline messaging (you can't send a message when the other party is offline).

13. Must have legal copies of online games that we may play as a game clan. We will not disable authentication on our servers so that you can play with your generated or stolen CD-keys/license keys.

14. Must respond to all e-mails/messages/calls promptly. If we send you an email and you don't reply within 5 days after you read it, that's called ignorance. We don't accept ignorant people.

15. Must have a sense of humour and not be offended by coarse language and discussions about religion or sex. We don't need pansies and hipocrites.

16. Must have good patience and crisis management skills. DRC is a big community, everyone is different. If you have a dispute or think some other member is a dipshit because of certain actions/beliefs, talk to him about it or talk to Regents/Archon. We don't need personal fights and grudges. If you disrespect someone and hide it, it will eventually pop up because "shit floats", and your reputation will be damaged. Any hatred is absolutely forbidden. You may disagree but you may not hate.

17. Must fully understand if you leave DRC for ANY REASON you will never be welcome again, you will be banned on all IM networks, forums, game servers etc. No exceptions.
If you disagree with certain members, you do not feel comfortable discussing it with them, discuss it with the leader or Regents. If your favourite pet died, you are broke, your girl left you, we lost a clan match or didn't play "enough" etc., and you are saddened to death because of it, it is not a reason to dump your friends. This is why there is rule #16. If you are out, you are OUT FOREVER.


Step 3: Application process.

In order to apply for DRC membership you must become a member of the Registry usergroup.

Once approved, you will get a confirmation email, so check your email daily!

You must actively visit forum and promptly respond to all instant and private messages.

Exclaim If you post your acceptance request in the inappropriate forum, it will be deleted without review.

Upon aproval, you will be able to move on to step #4.

If you are not in Admission usergroup, you will not be able to access forum with step #4.

If you were approved for Admission usergroup, click here to go to step #4.

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