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Thursday, January 12 2006, 18:51:48 #32217     HOW TO USE THE FORUM

Every time you visit the forum you want to read the newest posts instead of going through every topic. Problem with other phpBB boards if that they rely on cookies to store the list of unread topics, and this creates many issues, for example if you want to read the forum from work, or Internet Explorer mishandled your cookie and all topics are market as read.

This forum eliminates the problem, it uses the database to keep track of all unread topics per user.

1) When you open the index page, click on "View updated topics" in the top right corner next to the recent topic list.

2) You will see a list of topics (search results) that contain posts you have not read. When you click on a link it will open a new window with that topic. When you are done reading, CLOSE that window and move on to the next topic from the search results.

3) It's understandable you may not want to read every single topic, so just skip over the undesired ones. Once you are done checking updated topics, go back to the index page and click "Mark all forums read", then OK


This will allow you to be up to date and not waste time on browsing thru read topics. Certainly, if you want to look for older topics you are free to browse the entire board via the index page.

Very happy

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