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I'll be getting one of these babies!!

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Upgrading to 6870?
2 (100%) Hell Yaaa
0 (0%) Naaah im doing fine with my gfx
0 (0%) waiting for the prices to drop.. :p
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|DRC| Strawberry

Saturday, October 30 2010, 18:58:19 #43159     I'll be getting one of these babies!!

AMD showed up with a new type of series of 6xxx..,

Ill be getting one of this :

to replace my zotac 285 GTX 1GB amp.. Smile

i know that the card cannot match the 5870, but only by inches, and the price is already looking good. But hey, it uses small amount of power, but already effective than nvidia's 460 / 470 gtx... Very happy

Or maybe i should wait and see how the price is gonna be on AMDs 69xx is going to be.. Very happy

What do you guys think?
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|DRC| Wartex

Saturday, October 30 2010, 22:19:56 #43162     

when a card is released, wait 6 month before buying. If you buy right away you pay the "early adopter" fee which is close to 200% of original cost. I have GTX260 now and it works just fine in even the most demanding games. My next will be ATI but I want to wait till they release a new model.

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|DRC| Strawberry

Sunday, October 31 2010, 05:09:14 #43164     

They will be releasing 69xx this month or the start of december. According to different forums such as overclockers.uk that the new series would be 20-25 percent faster and uses small amounth of power.

I know that its prolly a good idea to wait and see that the prices drops nice and slowly... Ill just wait and see how much its gonna cost and releases better drivers for it..

What system do you have wartex?

I am pretty sastisfied with my 285 GTX as well, still owning high performance in games, and never comes over 75-80 celcius. and maybe its enough for the new game to come: Black Ops.. Very happy 8 days to go from here...

Just brought Corsairs H50 to my processor core2quad 9450 ~ 2.6 ghz steady, but I have overclocked it to 3.73 ghz which is more than enough.. Very happy My cpu nevers comes over 51 degrees.. Very happy
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|DRC| Wartex

Sunday, October 31 2010, 15:37:44 #43169     

also remember there will be multiple revisions of the board to correct engineering mistakes
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|DRC| Noakes

Tuesday, November 9 2010, 19:23:27 #43179     

I'm running duel overclocked 8800gt's. I was going to update video cards a few months ago, but found that my Motherboard "EVGA 780i" would be a bottle neck. I have everything in my system water cooled and I really don't want to redo it all just yet. Fortunately it still runs all my games fast as hell (except for Crysis), but I have my ear to the ground looking for my next total system upgrade.

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