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Wednesday, October 18 2006, 22:19:21 #37107     IE7

Funny article........

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|DRC| Iceman

Wednesday, October 18 2006, 23:48:40 #37108     

LMAO! Awesome find! LOL...........IE is soooo ghey! They should rename it "Bloatwear Special" ROFL
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Friday, October 20 2006, 20:04:15 #37125     

I love that first ss Laughing
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|DRC| Iceman

Friday, October 20 2006, 22:13:55 #37128     

I'm with you SLIM....that was a great laugh for sure! ROFL
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|DRC| psycheus

Monday, October 30 2006, 08:59:49 #37457     

Crazy! In some of the side computer work I've done that almost always seems to be the case. People don't know when to say 'no' when surfing the net. And one or two don't completely destroy it. Seemingly the compilation of one on top of another and so forth bring IE/Windows to it's knees. People usually say, so do I need to just buy a new computer.. LOL I can't help but just turn away and shake my head. This software is so intrusive and leads people to believe it's the computer, but think nothing of the software.
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|DRC| Death

Tuesday, October 31 2006, 14:05:05 #37511     

I'm not going to bother using my eye's life span on anything to do with IE.
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Wednesday, November 1 2006, 16:12:54 #37571     

Death is an anti-IE fanatic Laughing
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|DRC| Death

Wednesday, November 1 2006, 16:29:50 #37574     

Hate it! Sucks Sucks. Even though I'm 20-20 I'm not going to! Very happy
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