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Light-transmitting concrete

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Saturday, October 21 2006, 14:07:04 #37141     Light-transmitting concrete

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|DRC| Iceman

Saturday, October 21 2006, 18:25:21 #37149     

Good article SLIM. I'm wondering if this architect actually put thought into this product or if he is just trying to take advantage of consumer whores ROFL

Think about it........if everyone can see where you are at all times I hope the people who use it never need to hide from anyone in their home lol........or have sex on the table or countertop lol......Everyone would be able to see everything. I think its kind of funny, but I'm willing to bet there are a shit load of dumbasses out there who will buy it to! ROFL ROFL
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Sunday, October 22 2006, 01:06:48 #37152     

Ya, I don't see it being used much, but just thought the idea was interesting
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|DRC| Wartex

Sunday, October 22 2006, 23:10:45 #37165     

All it is is parallel fibers of glass embedded into concrete. You can make exact same one yourself at home. It would be very good for use in outside walls in the hallways or public buildings. I however, doubt it has the strength of a regular concrete.

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