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|DRC| Wartex

Thursday, May 25 2006, 17:01:02 #34843     Looking for drivers?

I want to create a massive driver archive, it pisses me off to go thru 1000 sites and dig thru a pile of outdated CDs to get a driver every time I reinstall the OS or do some modifications. FTP to


user: drivers
pass: drc123

and upload drivers for all of the stuff you have in your PC, driver must be ZIPped (and not RARed), if the driver is just an "exe" from a manufacturer, please create a driver.txt file and put a name of the piece of hardware in that file, exact model, example:

Intel LANPro 10/100 TX network card
Samsung SyncMaster 800F monitor

Then zip both files into 1 archive and name it like

<type>_<manufacturer>_<model>_<driver version>.zip




Valid characters in file names are

"a thru z", underscore "_", minus "-", plus "+" (avoid +)

So next time your windows asks you for a driver, you will know where to find it. Smile

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|DRC| Death

Friday, May 26 2006, 12:18:10 #34847     

Absolutely anything at all? I've got a bunch of crap.
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|DRC| Messiah

Wednesday, May 31 2006, 20:58:27 #34954     


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|DRC| Wartex

Wednesday, May 31 2006, 22:38:09 #34957     

|DRC| Messiah wrote:

I knew that was coming. I've known that site since it was a front page mockup. It used to be a nice site. Then it started requiring registration, where it supposedly emailed you the "personal" login a password, which was "drivers/all" (and still is AFAIK) and is the same for all. They just wanted your email to spam you. Now it's full of ads, it takes 16 fucking clicks to get to download the file, and they don't even check if it's the right driver before tagging it.

Thanks, but no.
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Friday, June 2 2006, 16:48:55 #34987     

drivers/all was what was assigned to anyone who used their search before all the 'fluff'... that was several years ago when I used the site. It was great then... last resort now.

I have tens of 'install CDs' for many different type of equipment. (I probably threw about 80 away two weeks ago... thinking "What in the hell am I gonna do with these?!?" These CDs have, of course, drivers. It's just not practical to sift through all these CDs and 'bundle' drivers separately. However, if someone identifies a need for a driver, I'll check my library. I have them boxed by device type -- video, motherboard, audio, etc.

But I must confess... I'm puzzled. Drivers get updated... some more frequently than others, but all 'age'. Why do you want to collect drivers that may have been updated 5 times -- in other words, not current? I can understand if the is no 'current' driver for a device in a Win98 box. So are you looking for drivers that are no longer available?

Most manufacturers have wised up and made drivers available on their websites. Those that did not have disappeared from the market or will do so -- IMHO.

I like your idea, Wartex... I'm just not sure its feasible. But... I'm make my drivers available to anyone who wants them. Let me know what you are looking for. If I got it, you got it!

Hmmm... and I must say, you're looking a little less horny these days.

Very happy
|DRC| Wartex

Friday, June 2 2006, 23:10:58 #34994     

Slowhand, ask Iceman how he bought a $150 pro-audio sound card, and downloaded the latest the greatest driver that gave him BSOD as soon as he played anything. The previous driver version was deleted from the manufacturer's FTP and it was a major bitch to find it. We found it and it works flawlessly. Manufacturers modify sites, remove drivers, disappear, merge, rebrand. I made a "drivers" folder on my C: drive with a collection of my h/w drivers, and any time I reinstall O/S or change PCI slots, I have no problem looking for a driver, or better yet, curse at a scratched driver CD that doesn't work.
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|DRC| psycheus

Monday, June 5 2006, 01:44:57 #35055     

I know modems are not so popular these days but I have a few. Should I just put then under network?
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Monday, June 5 2006, 18:48:10 #35065     


Yep... I agree, Wartex. You will find a folder called 'Storage' on every one of my computers. In that folder is another folder called 'Drivers'... and in turn a folder for each device I have installed in that computer. I never have to go searching for drivers for devices... If I update the driver, the new one goes in the appropriate folder with all previous driver versions. This has saved my bacon several times. Like when I install the new driver and I get the BSOD. Yes

Actually, I take that idea a step further and copy all of the drivers to my main 'puter... 500Gb of HDD ../Storage/Drivers/Video/Radeon/9700/ or
../../../NIC/Linksys/LNE-100TX/ and so on. I have lots of drivers... Many of the ones I threw out a few weeks ago went back 8 or 9 years (floppies, of course).

My offer still stands... if I have a driver you need, it's yours! Just let me know what you are looking for.
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