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Sunday, November 27 2005, 07:47:50 #30774     MHC representative

dear wartex

professinal thanks 2 you that u accept us

hi all members of DRC iam the representative of MHC if any 1 want 2 contact any member of mhc just contact me

every one in my crew called me the magician

my name is ahmed

see u mr wartex Very happy
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Sunday, November 27 2005, 07:56:41 #30775     

Mr. Wartex
As I told you this is our representitive
|DRC| Iceman

Monday, November 28 2005, 00:30:48 #30790     

Evil grin
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Monday, November 28 2005, 12:01:58 #30811     

hi ice man

iam really happy that u reply 2 me


what do u mean by this ??

i tried to understand but i faild

i admire all members of DRC


iam so glad with ur visit

Monday, November 28 2005, 23:34:03 #30825     

Evil grin
46 and 2
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Karl Marx

Sunday, December 4 2005, 18:12:50 #31010     

Gotta love language barriers.
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|DRC| psycheus

Sunday, December 4 2005, 23:44:55 #31018     

Hello M.H.C. welcome! What games do you all play?
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