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My new beast! PowerEdge 6800 + Pics of my cabinet

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|DRC| psycheus

Saturday, April 25 2009, 14:12:00 #41547     My new beast! PowerEdge 6800 + Pics of my cabinet

My Cabinet (we are in a COLO facility)

My new PowerEdge 6800 going to replace an older server

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|DRC| psycheus

Saturday, April 25 2009, 14:15:24 #41548     

BTW is anyone familiar with the PowerEdge 6800's? I'm having a problem getting it to boot. Also the screen on the front's bottom portion is kind fucked up (some pixels are missing). The monitor never comes up to even boot. Tried taking all the stuff out (HD, Memory, etc..) and it doesn't even give me error messages. Any ideas?

I found this documentation from dell but it doesn't really tell me anything.

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|DRC| Wartex

Saturday, April 25 2009, 21:17:07 #41555     

Any chance of running a q3 server on it? Very happy

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|DRC| psycheus

Sunday, April 26 2009, 14:27:15 #41576     

Sure if I can get the damn thing running.. Any ideas?

This is all it does..


(Top line) DELL
(Bottom line) PowerEdge 6800

No errors or anything. I've tried taking all the devices including HD's memory hoping for something to change, some error or anything... but it keeps flashing the above stuff.

Any ideas?
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|DRC| psycheus

Tuesday, April 28 2009, 12:37:05 #41605     

I finally got a hold of the Ebay dude. He was actually very helpful. Apparently these are very slow to boot up, but unfortunately it's still ain't doin shit! They are probably going to have to send me a new one. Hopefully because this was their fuckup I can get the memory upgraded and maybe a few more HD's.
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|DRC| Wartex

Wednesday, April 29 2009, 00:55:37 #41608     

Everybody wins!
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|DRC| Blackshark

Wednesday, April 29 2009, 07:09:14 #41612     

lets hope fuck isn't going to rip you off on this one. but it is a beautiful machine.
how much noise does it do?
how much did you pay for it?
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|DRC| psycheus

Wednesday, April 29 2009, 11:57:36 #41615     

It was about $550 on Ebay shipped and it's weights about 130 lbs (58 kg) and is fucking huge. This was nice because it came with rails for the rack. There is another version of this server that is a stand desktop form. Noise well it's really ment to be in a server farm where noise isn't an issue, lol. Lets see it has 6 case fans, 2 power supplies, and well if you had it stuffed with HD's 12 ultra 320 screamers. It's pretty loud.

Specs are:

Quad Xeon 3.33 ghz (maxed out)
4 Gigs memory (expandable to 64 gigs)
upto 12 Ultra 320 HD's (300 gigs each = 3.5 TB max)

This thing is a work horse enterprise class server. The newer dual core version are about $3000-6000 which is probably how much this puppy was new. It's manufacture date was 2005, so it's really not that old.
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|DRC| Wartex

Saturday, May 2 2009, 20:58:06 #41669     

how the fuck do you buy this for 550? they are usually listed for over a grand. you lucky bastard.
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Sunday, May 3 2009, 04:05:17 #41672     

That is a badass looking machine and apparently heavy as fuck. How fast is your internet connection these days, Rick?
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Sunday, May 3 2009, 14:06:51 #41687     

Now psycheus, you had to know that putting these pics up here would incite all kinds of techo-lust.

That's not heat sink compound that just got spilled all over your computer. Tongue
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|DRC| psycheus

Sunday, May 3 2009, 16:03:24 #41691     

Wartex, Yes I know I've been looking hard for a powerful mofo. It wasn't a bad deal except apparently it seemed to be DOA and I just shipped it back Friday to Texas to have them look at it to see if they can get it running.

I really thinking about running VMware (https://www.vmware.com/tryvmware/?p=esxi) on it. Basically the main reason I got it was I don't know if you see my server rack pictures above (the server labeled Platypus) is actually a Fry's GQ (cheapy desktop) hidden in a server case. And it's running this Platypus billing software and an MSSQL database. It's running okay now but I can tell that we are going to need an upgrade sometime as well as having a backup.

SLIM I'm only on a 3 MB DSL connection. The fastest that my lines will support are just shy of 5 MB. Cable would be faster but it's too damn expensive around here.

Noderoom ROFL Cover
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