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My water cooled PC demo

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|DRC| Wartex

Sunday, July 17 2011, 09:28:31 #43611     My water cooled PC demo

Link on YouTube


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|DRC| Noakes

Monday, July 25 2011, 23:47:54 #43624     

I'm liking your set up there bubba. Makes me want to dive into mine again and create!! The filter is kinda overkill though.. Unless the coolant you use was dredged up from a muddy rain puddle.. ROFL Just one more possible leak point. actually three more..

I have two separate cooling loops. In one I use Swiftech HydrX Coolant UV Reactive with Demin water http://www.xoxide.com/swiftech-hydrx.html

The other i use Koolance Liquid Coolant w/ Bottle & Funnel (700cc) http://www.xoxide.com/koolance-liq-700bu-b.html.

Haven't had any issues with debris or algae in either loop in 3 years.

What did you use to shoot your video? Very clear! Oh and thank you Sooooo much for not playing some stupid assed music during the video! Why do people do that? I'd much rather have the builder/creator tell me about their rig and what he or she did during the build. This is very helpful to others.

Its been awhile.. Ill look for you online so you can tell me more!!
Good Job !!
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|DRC| Wartex

Tuesday, July 26 2011, 00:07:25 #43629     

The filter is there to catch galvanic corrosion particles (trust me, you have it), corroded barb thread shavings, brazing dust from rads and so on. You have all of it, except it's stuck in your CPU waterblock. Take it apart and post a pic here.

By the way, this weekend quakelive has instaunlagged CTF mod, with railjumping and 750 ms reload. It was fucking retarded busy on the servers. I tore some major assholes on q3ctf1 and space maps. There was a couple of more guys from old q3 instaunlagged clans and we were ahead of everybody by several hundreds of frags. Poor newbies didn't know what to do with fast flying flag carriers over their heads and unpredictable trajectories. I could consistently make it to enemy base on a 8v8 server just jumping off walls flying over everybody without getting shot. It was insane. I think they will implement it permanently.
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|DRC| Noakes

Tuesday, July 26 2011, 00:17:25 #43630     

hey homo you online now?
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|DRC| Noakes

Tuesday, July 26 2011, 00:18:52 #43631     

I was just trying to figure out how to upload some pics from my PC. you'll have to school me sometime..
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