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*NastyClan* Says HELL FREAKIN OH!

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Thursday, March 1 2007, 15:28:09 #39586     *NastyClan* Says HELL FREAKIN OH!

Hey all. Some of you know me, some prolly do not. I just thought that I would drop by and say HEY from the:

Good Forum you got here.

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|DRC| Messiah

Thursday, March 1 2007, 17:02:04 #39587     

hey, Dont know ya, but welcome to DRC forums. What mod you play?

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Thursday, March 1 2007, 17:08:46 #39588     

We play Insta. We have been around since the beginning. I am surprised you don't know me, because, I know you. Hump
|DRC| Messiah

Thursday, March 1 2007, 17:30:14 #39589     

Same name? I think i remember you. I dont really play IU anymore but once and a while. You should come try CPMA at our server!
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Thursday, March 1 2007, 17:57:32 #39591     

Before Insta, I played as CoolFrayers, but that was a long time ago.
CPMA? But...but...you'd kick my ass!
|DRC| Death

Thursday, March 1 2007, 18:08:14 #39592     

Sup! Welcome! Very happy
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|DRC| Messiah

Thursday, March 1 2007, 22:54:35 #39594     

Maybe at first.. but CPMA is fun and fast like IU.. come and try and learn...
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|DRC| psycheus

Friday, March 2 2007, 08:17:35 #39595     

Welcome to the DRC forums! Please feel free to tell us a little about yourself and your clan.
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Friday, March 2 2007, 12:40:52 #39596     

Always nice to see a new NASTY FACE on the forums... Mr Green
The Harder You Work The Luckier You Get!
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Friday, March 2 2007, 17:52:45 #39598     

Myself and the clan huh?
Not much to it really. When Insta was beta testing years ago I was involved in it. I was seeing a bunch of new Clans popping up and I was disappointed in the way they were doing things.
So, Myself and a friend started the Nasty Clan. A clan of fragging for fun. No wars, no practices you had to attend. It is a game, it is suppose to be fun.
Anyway, we are still around, 5 Countries strong and over 20 members. We are more friends than anything.
Here is my description that I wrote when we first started years ago. It is from the website:

There is an OPC server based out of Texas that some Quake 3 junkies used, I was one of them. At the time, I was stuck with a 56k connection. This was the only server around that seemed to have it's config set up correctly for 56k use. As I started to play there more often, a friendship was started among the players. At the time, I was CoolFrayers. There was a chap from the U.K. who was named NastyNick. We became friends. Then, one day I decided to go broadband. This created a problem for myself and NastyNick. I could no longer get into OPC due to my ping and when we did play together it just wasn't the same.

As NastyNick and I conversed with emails, we came up with the idea to create a clan, a clan like no others. One that was based on fun, friendship and good people. Thus, the *NastyClan* was born. We came to a conclusion early that skill was not an issue with us. All that someone needed to join was a good personality, attitude and the ability to be NASTY in a respectful way. As the clan evolved, we came across people that would be a good fit.

The first was *NastyMissy*, then *NastyCaptainKlutz*,(our Super Hero), then we came across *NastyJoe*, *NastyPolecat*, *NastyShark*, *Nastybabe*, *NastyBidness*, *NastyFit*, *NastyGimp*, *NastyzOOm*, *NastyTrick* , *NastyZena*, *NastyHoodlum* , *NastySNOWMAN*, NastySchisM*, *NastySPEC56*, *NastyCanned_Meat*, *NastyWOLF13*, *NastyVixen*, *NastyBlade, *NastyAuri*, *NastyRaGGaMuFFiN*, *NastyRaptor*, *NastyGradeA*, *NastyEl3ctra*, *NastyShelby*, *NastyKatana* and now *NastySaw* and *NastyJR*.

We have stayed true to our commitment of having fun, after all it is just a game. We all have lives and they come first. Too many people take the game WAY TOO serious.

If at anytime it becomes more than just fun, it is time to dissolve the clan. I think we will be around for a LONG TIME!!!
|DRC| Strawberry

Sunday, May 13 2007, 11:32:36 #40045     

Hi.. and welcome to our forum... I know you well..Sometimes i play against you in 1.30 servers.. insta ofcourse.. Smile
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