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|DRC| Wartex

Sunday, September 11 2005, 23:27:17 #28784     Need ASAP

Song - Band

"Shamanix" - Hallucinogen
"LSD" - Hallucinogen
"Stimuli" - TIP
"Let There Be Light" - Astral Projection
"Sugar Rush" - Man With No Name
"Space Pussy" - Hallucinogen
"Starship 101" - Etnica
"Mars Needs Women" - Doof
"Cycles of Life" - Transwave
"Panic in Paradise" - X-Dream
"Gift of the Gods" - Cosmosis
"Mahadeva" - Astral Projection
"People Can Fly" - Astral Projection
"Tribute" - Etnica
"Helium" - Transwave
"Teleport" - Man With No Name


Band - Album

TIP - "Yellow", "Orange", "Blue", "Phosphorescent"
Dragonfly - "Order Odonata I,II,III"
Distance to Goa 1-5
Return to the Source 1,2
Flying Rhino - "First Flight", "Air Borne", "Boyd in the Void"
Matsuri - "Truth of Communication"
Concept in Dance - "Digital Alchemy"
Transient 5
Spirit Zone - "Global Psychedelic Trance vol2"
Pleiadians - "IFO"
UX - "Ultimate Experience"
Transwave - "Helium", "Phototropic"
TIP - "Feeling Weird"


Please help me look fo those. IF you have Kazaa etc, look for those songs.

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Monday, September 12 2005, 02:29:06 #28786     

I'd be happy to do some searching for you, but do you still need certain bitrates and encoding? If you do I most likely can't help.
46 and 2
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|DRC| Wartex

Monday, September 12 2005, 19:43:52 #28790     

The higher encoding - the better.
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Thursday, September 15 2005, 11:59:49 #28821     

I got a few of these. Next time I talk to you I'll send them. I'd ftp them but remember the problems we were having with my account that one time?
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|DRC| Iceman

Thursday, September 15 2005, 21:32:18 #28834     

My kazza is fucked. I can't even uninstall it to re-install it without getting some fucked up message. I checked my mp3 but don't have any of the songs you want.....to be honest I haven't even heard of these groups exept "Digital Alchemy" but I don't have any of them either Sad
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|DRC| Wartex

Thursday, September 15 2005, 23:06:11 #28841     

I don't have Kazaa. I use google to look for forums, which in turn have links to FTPs. I found one with gigabytes of high-quality stuff. Downloading...
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Friday, September 16 2005, 00:22:00 #28843     

I can usually find what I want in irc mp3 chans... you know, the ones with like 1000+ people. Very happy
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