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New connection speed

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Thursday, September 29 2005, 02:00:40 #29027     New connection speed

Very happy Hi all GazzMoss here ive been missing because ive been upset about my connection speed & something else that must remain private for the safety of others ....the connection speed mmmmmm today i upgraded to 15oo/256 down & up respectively...$70 aus per month now im making a bit of an investment in quake !Its not just about the game...its about meeting nice people and making new freinds ...I guess you know when youve meet real people when you can talk about things your upset about and they respond in a humble way and not in a violent manner ,,they still accept you and not reject you,, for that im gr8full ....Mabey this time my game can improve. No, i never got cable but i got some new freinds and a faster connection speed i hope that cures mt lagg problem time will tell 1500/256 from the 5th of october...happy fraggin GazzMoss Laughing
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|DRC| Iceman

Thursday, September 29 2005, 02:24:01 #29029     

Sounds good Gazzy! Very happy I look forward to frag'n yer less laggy butt Mr Green

Good to hear you'll be around more often though Good
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Thursday, September 29 2005, 02:44:41 #29033     

I was wondering what happened to you. Smile
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