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|DRC| Iceman

Friday, October 13 2006, 12:47:58 #37010     New Topics

Is it possible to have a couple of new messages boards added?

Suggested names:

1. "Business"

2. "Environment" or maybe "The World We Live In" or "Our World"

Something to that effect?

I have been doing a lot of surfing around news sites these days and have seen some pretty interesting stuff, but I don't really have a place to post them.

I could post in "Around The World" but that is such as mish mash of topics. I was thinking along the lines of having topics more stream lined.

What do you think?
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|DRC| Death

Friday, October 13 2006, 13:06:44 #37011     

I think Environment would be good but I don't think it would get filled much. You can add a business if you like, but I probably wouldn't nose in that Smile
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|DRC| Iceman

Wednesday, October 18 2006, 02:33:57 #37091     

Thanks for adding a business section Very happy Hug
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