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Wednesday, January 3 2007, 22:00:49 #38896     Noticed...

Wartex has been working the shit out of the forums lately and it is well received and well done!! Very happy
The Harder You Work The Luckier You Get!
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|DRC| Iceman

Thursday, January 4 2007, 03:42:04 #38898     

He is always making changes Very happy Good
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|DRC| Messiah

Thursday, January 4 2007, 17:13:23 #38900     

thnx for the hard work!

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|DRC| Death

Thursday, January 4 2007, 17:24:21 #38902     

Ya this is really unique forum. N1 Wartex! Good
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Thursday, January 4 2007, 20:09:56 #38906     

Good Good thanks
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|DRC| psycheus

Saturday, January 6 2007, 14:00:33 #38938     

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|DRC| Wartex

Monday, January 22 2007, 18:28:34 #39202     

Thanks guys. I actually change things nearly every day, so what you see is just minor part of whats going on, the "cosmetic" changes. I'm redoing forums to be more search-engine friendly. I learned a lesson the hard way:

Normally you can access topics by topic id or by post id, i.e.


This will show the same page (topic), but in the "?p=" case (post id) it will also scroll down to the post who's id is specified in the URL. So basically, to a search engine (Google, Yahoo, Yandex etc) we have 2 pages, with different URL, but they have the same content. Search engines treat this as spam and penalize the website by lowering it's position on SERP (search engine result page), putting it on 10th or even lower page, of course very few people go thru all pages. So I had to redesign how forum displays pages, and how various pages link to each oher.
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