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Open Beta Blues....

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|DRC| Noakes

Friday, September 30 2011, 00:39:13 #43782     Open Beta Blues....

Well today was the day for all of us to try out the Battlefield 3 open beta. For me it was in most parts a Bust. As soon as I downloaded, installed, then ran the program I could tell I was in for a ride. First thing it said was that I required the newest video drivers. I think its funny for them to require you to use a Beta driver so soon, and to wait until the last minute to put this out seems silly. After installing the nvidia 285 beta drivers and two patches it took forever to find a open server. Which is totally understandable. Lots of folks must have been playing hooky from work and school today Hump . After 30 or so minutes I was finally able to connect to a server by closing Firefox and with Origin still showing me logged, then running the BF3.exe file from the game directory in admin mode. It wold only run in a windowed mode though. ALT-Enter is supposed to get you to full screen. For me though all I got was a white screen and the message that my video driver was very unhappy. So after an hour or two I gave up. Ill try again tomorrow. Sad thing is; is that without punkbuster running there are Many-O-Hackers on here.. Crying Good luck to all that attempt to play this.... Oh and I made a mistake when I made my Origin acct. so my user name is trek6500mt1 instead of N0akes.. Rolling eyes Dumb me.... Blah blah...
Lets hope these problems get weeded out soon. Very happy
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|DRC| Wartex

Friday, September 30 2011, 05:43:42 #43783     

Origin ID is only attached to the game by default, you can change your in-game identity later.

As for PB - good riddance. We will rely on good ole admin IP ban and reports to EA that result in loss of account and associated game(s). Cheating with online-authorized games is pretty expensive these days.

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|DRC| Messiah

Friday, September 30 2011, 10:15:33 #43784     

started playing beta last night and have to say I was pretty impressed. Of course I am playing on PS3 and feel the controls are too loose. but all and all.. i am loving this game

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