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Ovarian Cancer - Type II

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|DRC| Iceman

Saturday, November 4 2006, 23:19:07 #37688     Ovarian Cancer - Type II

I have googled this and have read a little bit on it, but thought I would also ask here in case someone knows a friend/family member with this type of Cancer.

If you know of someone that has Ovarian Cancer (Type II) can you please post what they are being treated with? If you don't know, could you please find out for me and post here?

This is not a joke, but a serious matter. I know someone who just has been diagnosed with this type of cancer and from what I have heard it is one of the worst types (basically fatal), so I thought I would try to see if I could find out some information that could help. This type of cancer cannot be operated on as it will spread like wild fire, so I am in search of information on drugs that will help to prolong the life of someone with this disease.

If anyone knows of any information on this, please post or IM me.

Thank you.
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|DRC| Death

Sunday, November 5 2006, 08:04:17 #37698     

Sorry, all I can do is offer my wishes of well-being for them. I don't know of any cures but hope they get better soon.
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|DRC| psycheus

Friday, November 10 2006, 21:19:43 #37792     

My mom had Ovarian and Breast cancer but I'm not sure what kind. I'll ask the next time I talk to her.
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|DRC| Iceman

Friday, November 10 2006, 22:29:14 #37793     

That would be greatly appreciated Rick. Thanks Smile
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