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Peanut Butter Disproves Evolution

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|DRC| psycheus

Sunday, September 30 2007, 10:38:02 #40438     Peanut Butter Disproves Evolution


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|DRC| Wartex

Monday, October 1 2007, 08:13:28 #40453     

This video is just nonsense. It takes millions of years before major changes happen. People misunderstand evolution and church uses this to suck them in.

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|DRC| Zyprexa

Tuesday, October 2 2007, 04:24:12 #40457     

Agreed. Besides, it takes more Energy to make stuff happen. There have been similar experiments conducted with different results.
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|DRC| Iceman

Wednesday, October 3 2007, 09:03:36 #40458     

ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ...Where did he get his engineering degree from? Jiffy or Kraft? ROFL
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