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Physical Fitness section?

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Physical Fitness section?
5 (71%) Yes
2 (28%) No
Total Votes : 7
Total Voters : 7
Author Message
|DRC| Death

Friday, February 16 2007, 19:09:13 #39483     Physical Fitness section?

I want to get in shape and I'm willing to bet I'm not the only one. Anybody else want to get in shape and have a few pointers/tips? I think a Physical Fitness section would go down well. I would certainly use it.
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|DRC| Death

Friday, February 16 2007, 21:09:01 #39485     

Who voted no and why? (Just curious)

P.S. look at some of the ads. ROFL
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Saturday, February 17 2007, 07:16:20 #39488     

not me. I'm down for a fitness section Very happy
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|DRC| Zyprexa

Saturday, February 17 2007, 07:23:13 #39489     

I'm game Wink
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|DRC| Marblecake

Saturday, February 17 2007, 18:59:33 #39501     

Can you just dual title sports/fitness????
"Shrink" Are you a assasin? "Me" Assasin sounds so exotic. Im just a murderer.
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|DRC| Wartex

Sunday, February 18 2007, 15:04:55 #39509     

should be in sports

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|DRC| Iceman

Wednesday, February 21 2007, 17:35:01 #39531     

If you are serious about getting in shape and want to make serious gains, then buy the book called "Body for Life" by Bill Phillips ......I bought it a long time ago now, and made incredible gains in a short period of time just by following his diet, and workout program. In the first week I lost 10lbs. and felt like a million bucks! ......His program is only for serious people though, and it is NOT cheap to follow because it requires that you HAVE to eat EVERYTHING healthy, and 6 small meals a day, along with 11 liters of water a day........thats right.......11 Liters of water a day! lol .....The program also consists of alternating cardio and resistance training 6 days a week, and on the 7th day you can eat what ever you want.......that was the thing that I loved about it! lol

The most expensive part of it is the cost of the food because if you can imagine the cost of eating 6 healthy small meals a day is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination! I simply just couldn't afford the program, and I had a room mate at that time so my bills were cut in half........and I still couldn't swing the cost! Sad ........I will say one thing though, and that is that it REALLY does work and is well worth the $40.00 or so for the book if you are you are serious and want to make great gains Smile

He even has his own line of "Full meal suppliments" out that I bought, and it was around $170.00 or so for a months worth of this stuff, but it worked great! ........Like I said its not cheap, but it does work! Smile

Good luck! Hug
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|DRC| Death

Thursday, February 22 2007, 15:05:21 #39536     

The last thing I want to do is lose weight. My BMI is 17.3 Smile. I'm almost 15, 5'5" and 47kg.

My ideal self would be to gain weight healithily. I'd prefer to make it muscle rather than fat for obvious reasons Very happy. I want to improve my cardiovascular health by the end of this year. My goal is Level 9/10 on the shuttle run. So the ideal me is:

1/. A BMI between 20-24
2/. More muscle
3/. More weight altogether
4/. Better cardiovascular fitness.
5/. More strength.
6/. More flexibility.

After I reach my goal(s) I'd like it to stay that way throughout my life. Living an unhealthy lifestyle (like I am now) is kinda kicking my ass so I'm getting into shape and staying that way. I'll let you know what it's like when I get there Mr Green.
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|DRC| Death

Thursday, February 22 2007, 18:18:16 #39540     

Iceman I was thinking about what you said whilst watching the TV. By the way your post was phrased it sounded like the guy who wrote the book would have gave you a meal plan for each day and you have to follow it? Is that right? Or is it you choose what you eat as long as it matches ???? calories? If it's what he recommends, I can't see me sticking to it. And also, what if you don't like the foods he suggests?
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|DRC| Marblecake

Friday, February 23 2007, 22:38:41 #39548     

Damn dude your a twig. Holy shit I think I take shits bigger then you. J/K
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|DRC| Death

Saturday, February 24 2007, 07:18:05 #39549     

Ya I know lol
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|DRC| Death

Friday, September 28 2007, 14:49:23 #40429     

Can't join Gyms here til I'm 16 which sucks major balls! Neutral. Although I've grown an inch and put on 3kg (which is basically crap).

50kg (8st)
Body Fat % (about 6 or 7) lol
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