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Q9650 Stuck Sensors

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|DRC| Noakes

Thursday, October 1 2009, 01:35:35 #42591     Q9650 Stuck Sensors

Has anyone had any run ins with stuck Q9650 CPU temp sensors? The BIOS sensor is reading zero C which is close with my water cooling/TEC setup. But in windows core temp, real temp, and everest all read 33,33,29,29.. I have tried this in vista 32bit ultimate and windows 7 ultimate. The Board is an EVGA 780i and the temps all read correct for the Q6600. So im thinking its the CPU. Any ideas?
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|DRC| Marblecake

Friday, October 2 2009, 18:31:25 #42592     

its reading f. is the bios reading c
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|DRC| Noakes

Saturday, October 3 2009, 17:27:59 #42594     

The sensors stuck no matter if I chose C or F. Just for GP I put the Q6600 back into the MB and the Q6600's sensors read fine. So it wasn't the MB. I decided to RMA the CPU. Thanks for the return though Marble.
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|DRC| Wartex

Saturday, October 3 2009, 19:37:03 #42595     

Some thermistors or DACs go nuts if they are measuring outside of their spec. If it's rated 20c-400c and you are at 18 C it just might show zero.

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|DRC| Noakes

Sunday, October 4 2009, 15:21:10 #42596     

Well Ill find out when the rma'd cpu arrives. Scattering
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