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Random Crashing Issue

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|DRC| Isobarik

Sunday, June 28 2009, 00:14:36 #42301     Random Crashing Issue

I have a completely random crashing issue, total lockup. Only way to break it is hold the power button to force a reset.

Tried wireless and wired connections.

Think it is a pc issue on my end? Some resource hogging virus that locks it down or something? Time for a fresh system install on this pc anyway.
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Sunday, June 28 2009, 07:39:48 #42305     

Drunken advice:

Because you say it locks random, If its time anyway and you have your shit easily backed up then do it. If you still have a prob must be hardware.

What is your pc and hold old? also, what os?
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|DRC| Isobarik

Sunday, June 28 2009, 09:17:29 #42312     

Was wasted last night when I wrote that after a particularly annoying lockup, sorry it was kind of vague. I have a Dell Inspiron 9100 lappy running XP Pro SP3.

A reinstall isn't THAT easy but it probably should be done.
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Sunday, June 28 2009, 09:22:42 #42313     

These things get pretty hot, make sure it isn't reaching whatever temperature it's set to failsafe at (also drunken advice)
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|DRC| Wartex

Sunday, June 28 2009, 12:36:58 #42315     

Blow the lint out if vid card and cpu heatsinks.

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|DRC| Isobarik

Monday, June 29 2009, 00:46:41 #42317     

There are 2 fans on the bottom, I cleaned both fans and heat sinks out. Will see if that helps, thanks guys.
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|DRC| Isobarik

Saturday, July 4 2009, 01:58:01 #42323     

Did it again last night, are there any other internal parts that should be cleaned in order to aid cooling?
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|DRC| Wartex

Sunday, July 5 2009, 00:26:10 #42327     

Freeze might be a buggy driver. Did you change anything before it started happening?
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|DRC| Isobarik

Sunday, July 5 2009, 13:37:52 #42330     

Started on the new version of Qlive, and possibly windows update.
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