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RE: Changes to forum

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Tuesday, August 29 2006, 08:30:59 #36336     RE: Changes to forum

Nicely done, D... excellent!!!
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|DRC| Zyprexa

Tuesday, August 29 2006, 11:21:59 #36338     

Yes I like it too! Kind of a mix between regular forum and DRC University.
Nicely done! Good
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|DRC| Death

Tuesday, August 29 2006, 11:35:43 #36339     

Yeah, it's great. It's more defined now so it makes it easier to find things.
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Tuesday, August 29 2006, 13:12:43 #36342     

Ditto to all - user friendly layout is great!! Hug Hug
The Harder You Work The Luckier You Get!
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|DRC| Wartex

Tuesday, August 29 2006, 18:07:24 #36346     

One thing I will have to ask everyone:

Right now the page URLs are no longer in the form of viewtopic.php?t=<topic> as you noticed, instead the URL is the "topic-title.html". I modded the forum to fool search engines into thinking topics are static webpages rather than php scripts. Search engines like google don't like URLs that have a "?" in them and ommit them in search results, since "?" signifies a dynamic (i.e. page that has changing content) page. This will allow our forum to come up in searches.

Point: important thing to remember that pages and page titles will get cached by the search engines, therefore avoid non-informative ("watch this","nice website") or lame ("rofl","hahah","this is gay","!!!") topic titles. Try to describe the content of the post in the topic using maximum number of keywords.

Example: post contains a link to a video of a dancing robot designed in MIT.
Bad topic names:
- freaky robot
- robot video
- check this out
- nice video
- MIT robot
- interesting robot

Good topic names:
- dancing MIT robot video
- Video: dancing robot (MIT design)

Basically, when you name a topic, remember it will be cached by search engines for months, and forever by "web.archive.org". Use keywords intelligently when naming topics, so that people come via search engines.

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|DRC| Death

Tuesday, August 29 2006, 18:13:38 #36347     

OK. So basically you've made google hit the forum more and you don't want us to post stupid topic names, I can live with that. Very happy
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