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Read if you have troubles logging in into the forum

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|DRC| Wartex

Thursday, March 17 2005, 23:59:55 #22922     Read if you have troubles logging in into the forum

Login Troubleshooting

Q: I forgot my login/don't remember its spelling, what should I do?

A: Use username search. If it doesn't return anything, but you are positive you had an account, it was probably deleted due to long inactivity. We don't delete accounts of users who have over 50 posts.

Q: I forgot my password, how do I retrieve it?

A: For security purposes, our database doesn't contain any passwords, it stores a hash of your password instead. Hash is a number derived from your password by applying a one-way mathematical formula (i.e. password cannot be derived from hash). Whenever you log in, forum software calculates the hash value of whatever you put into the password filed on the login page, and compares it to what it has in the database, if values match, you are logged in.
Such implementation prevents your actual password from being stolen in case our database security is compromised and being used to access your other accounts (email etc). If you forgot your password, forum will generate a new one and email it to you. Use password reminder link to get a new password. Once you log in, you can change it to whatever you want.

Q: I forgot the email I specified/no longer have access to it, so I can't retrieve my password now, where can I get it?

A: Contact me at mail[at]wartex.net and I will help you.

WARNING: If you register a new account instead of logging in into your existing one, it will be immediately deleted. If you register another one, you will be permanently banned.

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